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Features of the Fabry–Perot interferometer as an optical delay line to generate a periodic sequence of laser pulses


E.V. Egorova, V.N. Melchakov, E.A. Popov, M.A. Karpov, S.V. Tsapenko, A.A. Markin

The results of a single laser pulse propagation in the standard with an air gap of 10 cm and the coefficient of reflection mirrors 92% and 94%. The energy of the laser pulse at the entrance of the standard was 860 PJ. Factor-time sweeps of 20 ns / screen, multiplied pulses were focused in the plane of the photocathode image intensifier with an input lens electron-optical camera. Using a positive lens, the beam is formed to transform the intensity distribution of the pulses transmitted through a standard cross-section, in a certain plane of reference, for example, in the plane of the image intensifier photocathode multiplied pulses are obtained with almost the same intensity. The estimates and the model experiment for the equalization of the intensities of the pulses propagated in the EPT confirm the feasibility of using a Fabry–Perot interferometer as an optical delay line to form a periodic sequence of laser pulses.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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