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About changing to basis characteristics of material objects


V.I. Sergeev, M.M. Bashkirov, I.A. Volodin, V.G. Dmitriev, G.P. Pochanin, E.A. Sergeeva

Believing that any object as a nonlinear system can be considered as a cooperation of soliton formations, there is a possibility of increasing the lifetime (stable existence) of the material objects due to a change in the ratio between active and reactive components in the energy characteristics. The time of stable existence (lifetime) of any soliton formation (as an object) is determined by the amount of energy that can be used to maintain the stable existence of this object. The part of energy should be spent to coordinate an object with concrete environment. As the energy factor full impedance of an object is considered, because it is precisely this fact that determines proportions and the quantity of recycled energy and the energy spent on different losses. Active (ohmic) resistance determines the useful energy and reactance – the energy losses. To provide the increase of stable existence period of an object the simultaneous execution of the following conditions is required: – фиксирование модуля импеданса объекта, как постоянной величины fixing module of an object impedance as a constant magnitude; – reduction (zeroing) reactance as the imaginary part of the module object impedance; – coincidence of the ohmic (active) resistance of an object with characteristic resistance of its environment. Zeroing the reactive component of the impedance leads the increase in the active component of approximately 15,67 %. This value indicates the possible increasing in the term of stable existence of both micro-and macro object. Thus, producing operations in impedance management (or in management of other energy factors, particularly, in the ratio of actual and imaginary parts), you can modify the basic energy characteristics of different material objects, particularly, the duration of their stable existence (lifetime).
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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