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Truly random numbers as a prototype of numerical system hypothetically located on actual infinity. Part 3. Observer, as passive element of infinite space. Main structure and components. Private research problems


А.А. Potapov, A.V. Strukov

One of the tasks which are at the same time possessing seeming simplicity, ease and scientific novelty is the problem of search of accident, but not its private look – pseudo-accidents, and accidents in its true manifestation, i.e. natural accident or true accident. In volume manifestation in which there is an emergence in the nature of the majority of processes. The mechanism of emergence of the majority of processes in the nature is studied thoroughly and in details described by means of physics laws. And emergence of process of true accident because of its complexity in estimates and supervision till today practically doesn't give in to perception. It is very difficult in presentation of its representation and forecasting. The physics with essential knowledge-intensive in the structure a philosophical part – metaphysics which is entered by authors of research into physics structure an artificial (empirical) way should become descriptive language of such type of accident. Metaphysics methods, methods of physics and applied mathematical methods for research of true accident demand a non-standard approach for their complex (joint) use. Summing up the done work it is possible to tell, what exactly above the presented methods allow to carry out very deep consideration of questions, tasks, problems difficult solved by a classical approaches.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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