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Models of hypertext man-machine interaction


A.P. Gagarin

It is proposed to solve problems of hypertext typology as well as problems concerning the development of hypertext editors in context of their systematic object-oriented design. The UML notation is accepted for representation of design artifacts. Each of the projects presumably describes a computer system supporting some species of hypertext so carefully as it is necessary for systematic clearing of hypertext representation peculiarities. Such an orientation of design process permits to consider the projects as models of man-machine interaction above hypertext interface. The sample structure of proposed models is laid down in the issue. The pertinent design classes, its properties and methods are considered. The proposed models may be generally characterized as models of visual computer representation of a sets (of nodes), in which a binary non-commutative relation is specified. Deriving descendants of the base classes of the models by alteration or extending of existing methods, adding new properties and methods provide downward design of hypertext editors that satisfy special requirements in ordered space of technological solutions.

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