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Information oriented approach to build input/output subsystem in on-board computing systems


А.А. Terekhov

This work is described the structure of information input/output system. We offer method which based on conception digital-platform design [1]. Conception digital-platform is defined base structure of software on-board systems and has follow properties: modularity, scalability, a possibility to reconfigure the system, reliability. These properties are defined structure of input/output subsystem. Main idea of organization input/output is based on conception information field (blackboard) on-board systems. We offer next io-components: computing component, interface component, device driver. The following aims were pointed during the design of the structure of input/output subsystem in controlling systems of a spacecraft: ruling computational process and communications; controlling hardware operability during all stages of its lifecycle; providing the guaranteed strict real-time; possible re-usage of already developed software for similar systems; increasing the hardware-independency; a possibility to reconfigure the system; an ability of the system to function either in RTOS environment, or separately without any OS.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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