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The geroprophylactic effect of Transfer factor© in the experiment


V.I. Dontsov, V.N. Krutko, E.S. Zenchuk, A.Ya. Chizhov

Transfer Factor 4Life Research (USA) application has demonstrated the improvement of immune status at aged mice as well as combined geropreventive effect at prolonged giving of this nutrition to mice. TF exactly positively influences on physical condition, energy and metabolisms, free-radical mechanisms of ageing and cells’ potential of tissue growth of old mice and brings them to the level of young ones. Discovered abilities of TF open opportunities of its envisaging further apply in practical gerontology. In anti ageing medicine TF is recommended for activation of cell growth, for prevention of different pathological processes and stimulation of posttraumatic regeneration of tissues. It’s rather interesting to emphasize TF anti stress effect on immune system, and protective effect on ageing alimentary obesity.
May 29, 2020

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