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Sorption activity of magnetically operated nanoparticles in organism media


Yu.G. Yanovsky, A.G. Rozhkov, V.I. Karandin, A.N. Danilin, S.M. Nikitin, M.A. Guseva, T.A. Gustova, A.I. Alekhin, N.G. Goncharov

Nanosorbents can have very large specific surface, and therefore, high sorption capacity. The surface of the particles can be modified by special molecular shells to make or strengthen adsorption specificity. The nanoparticles can be magnetically operated, that allows controlling them using an external magnetic field. For example, nanosorbents with the magnetite kernel (the bearer of the molecular shells) can be extracted from biological fluids using a magnetic filter. So, the idea of using nano-particles as sorbents for medical purposes is very promising. In this context, the aim of this study is not only the synthesis of magnetically operated nanoobjects that suitable for medicine, but also a comparative study of nanoparticles sorption properties in experiments with blood plasma and lymph samples. There are investigated the sorption properties of nano- and micro-sized magnetite particles (Fe3O4) with shells of albumin or dodecyl mercaptan molecules (CH3(CH2)11SH). Сarbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been synthesized using the vapor deposition of carbonaceous material on the heated catalyst (CVD method). Their sorption properties are investigated as well. Magnetite particles were synthesized using a few known techniques. CNTs prepared by the chemical vapor deposition on the catalyst systems Fe/Al2O3 or Co/Al2O3. To modify the magnetite particles surface by the albumin the microemulsion approach is used, as well as an original technique for albumin modification during synthesis of magnetic particles. To bring the sorption properties of normal saturated hydrocarbons, the particles surface was modified by normal hydrocarbon chains С12Н25 attached to the nucleus via the bond Fe-S-C. This allows modifying the magnetic particles by dodecyl mercaptan molecules for the sorption of different density lipoproteins. The sorption efficiency of sorbents is demonstrated in experiments with blood plasma and lymph of 12 donors. Biochemical content indices of the main blood and lymph ingredients are used for controlled criteria of the sorption capacity. Those indices determine the ingredient concentrations that characterize the state of the cell, organ, and general homeostasis in various diseases. This paper shows a high sorption efficiency of a number of sorbents, including CNT, in relation to the ingredients of the blood plasma and lymph, which is of considerable interest to medical and technical applications.
May 29, 2020

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