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Mathematical and the software fractal recognition of natural and artificial objects


A.S. Avetisov, M.A. Karpov, M.V. Urkov, E.V. Egorova, V.I. Nefedov, A.U. Haritonov

The use of fractal signatures for the problems of detection and identification of various targets is the basis of absorbing the manifold methods. We propose an adaptive algorithm for fractal recognition artificial objects, based on the concept of smoothing kromkosohranyayuschego for a correct evaluation of the fractal dimension in the vicinity of the edges. Representation Leno description of the model equations in the form of a set of planar curves and show that such signs goals, such as straight lines, forming silhouettes can be used to detect objects. An experimental comparison of the decay znavaniya radar targets has shown that application of the theory of fractals and chaotic oscillations is very promising in the processing of radar signals and identification of radar targets.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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