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Modeling ultraviolet lithography processes immersion stage design advances


N.N. Balan, V.A. Vasin, E.N. Ivashov, P.S. Kostomarov, S.V. Stepanchikov

Presented in the paper the mathematical model of nonparametric probability density estimates in small samples provides the possibility of technical modeling, without the use of real-world processes and immersion lithography equipment. Implementation of «bypass» the problem of small samples provides an increase of baseline data and improves the efficiency of technical modeling. Developed technical device provides the ability to track the formation of nanometer design rules with no more than 32 nm so in ways that reduce the blur spot is reduced, and the technological defects of the process. The proposed approach to modeling the processes of immersion lithography ultraviolet allows you to create new and improve existing technically feasible and technically attractive solution components and equipment during the design advances.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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