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Neural existential simulation of diffusion-synergetic detailed aspects of the volumetric neurotrnsmitting: neurocomputers in neurobiology


A.V. Savelyev

Research of theoretically predicted by the author volumetric neurotransmitting (VNT) by means of diffusion of neuromessenger in 4-dimensional space of volumetric-time measurements of a brain neocortex are resulted. This corresponds to the hyper-level of interneuronal communication, which is a completely different and independent. It is established that the VNT significantly saves energy and space resources of the brain, it is necessary for the information neural processing, and in artificial neural networks. Comparison of functioning of some offered and patented modelling neural processors with biological action NO-neurotransmitting is investigated. Investigated VNT in the spillover, the basal synthesis of NO-ergic neurons, neural-vascular relations of microvasculature and NO-ergic axon terminals, multifactorial mechanism of neural modulator action of NO, which causes a long-term potentiation and long-term depression. Also, the results of the original neural network simulation, when the propagation of cross-influence of the synaptic endings on each other are provided that simulates the dynamics of volume neural action of NO-messenger, causing and supporting the DP. Proofs are furnished and drawn conclusions on importance of influence VNT in functioning a brain and necessity of the account diffusion transfers of the information in artificial neural networks that can change considerably existing methodology of neurocomputing. The study of nitroxidergic phenomena and systems of the brain, including the methods of simulation is great practical importance both in terms of synergy of the neurotoxic and neuroprotective actions also, which increases resistance to toxic factors and neural degenerative disorders, as well as an indicator of the greatest pathophysiological and diagnostic value. On the basis of earlier predicted biological VNT phenomena the conclusion that application of the biological (existential) approach in neurocomputing methodology and neurocomputing models, consisting detailed information reproduction of thin mechanisms and laws of functioning real neurons, allows to predict theoretically unknown earlier biological phenomena which can be open subsequently is done. Thus, neurocybernetics can carry out a role of additional methodology in neurobiological researches also.
May 29, 2020

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