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Development of SCORM methodology in creating off information-educational resources


A.I. Guseva, A.V. Ivanov, I.M. Kozgin, V.S. Kireev, A.S. Tzuplakov

The given research is directed on the decision of the important scientific problem consisting in working out of interactive electronic educational elements in format SCORM 2004, used in systems of electronic training. During work performance models of the electronic educational elements based on use of praktiko-focused methods of formation necessary professional competenсes by preparation of experts for the high technology sectors of economy, especially nuclear branch have been developed. The developed models have laid down in a basis of methods of definition of productivity of use of interactive electronic educational elements as components of the research environment of nuclear university. The results of using information-educational resources in format SCORM 2004 in National research nuclear university «MEPHI» are discussed.

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