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The Effect of Weak Electromagnetic Fields on the Processes of Nanotechnology


V.I. Margolin, V.A. Tupik, V.S. Fantikov, L.U. Ammon, D.V. Babichev

We discuss the experimentally observed effects associated with the weak effects of different nature on a variety of physical objects and processes. These effects are weak and superweak magnetic fields, acoustic, electrical and electromagnetic fields of different nature. Despite the small amplitude of these effects, their results are recorded several times, often with power levels lying below the energy of thermal vibrations of atoms, defined as the product of Boltzmann's constant on the temperature - so that this problem was known as «the problem of kT». Often the magnitude of these effects is less than the other noise in the physical system, not just heat. Previously, it was found only weak effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the mechanical characteristics of the irradiated objects. Of particular interest are conditions under which the system is based on pro-transformation of the input electromagnetic radiation in another frequency band, or other physical field, for example, the acoustic. These phenomena include the electromagnetic-acoustic conversion and others. We were interested in the impact of stationary electromagnetic fields on the processes of synthesis of nano-dimension films. In the conducted experimental studies have shown that nano-dimension films produced under the impact of the interference field of diffraction gratings of complex shape by ion magnetron sputtering have a structure substantially different from the films obtained without their influence. All investigated films have a complex multilevel multi-fractal structure. Some electrical, mechanical and other properties of the fractal films can be significantly different from those of conventional nano-dimension films. Investigations of the characteristics of the obtained films by electron and atomic force microscopy.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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