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Bistatic Scattering Diagrams of the Sea Surface Covered with Monomolecular Oil Film


V.V. Leontyev, M.A. Borodin, O.A. Ignatyeva

The procedure of numerical simulation the bistatic scattering diagram of clean sea surface and sea surface polluted by monomolecular oil film in the context of oil spill detection problem by system with consists of radar and passive reflector is presented. Numeric simulation of bistatic scattering diagram is made by Monte Carlo method. Setting number of clean and polluted sea water realization is generated by spectral method and for each one bistastic scattering diagram is calculated. Sea spectrum Elfouhaily model weighed by damping coefficient with considered the rheological characteristics of oil slick and the influence on wind by sea surface is used for sea surface with oil slick simulation. The iteration algorithm for solving two-dimensional scattering problem on deterministic surface at low grazing angles with based on the Fredgolm integral equation second kind is utilized for bistatic scattering diagram calculation. The quantitative estimates of scattering coefficient for clean and polluted sea surface in specular direction is given. Also the values of contract scattering coefficient of polluted sea surface by clean surface is presented. From the bistatic scattering analyze is followed that the application scattering in specular direction at oil film detection on sea surface is provided the great energy profit relatively backward scattering.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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