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Neuropsychological status with the autonomic asymmetry


A.V. Kutenеv, B.B. Radysh, I.R. Gasanov, V.A. Li

The purpose of research is the study of neuropsychological status in autonomic asymmetry in the segmental and suprasegmental levels. We examined 247 people (116 men and 131 women) from 25 to 55 years with the noncoronary pain in the heart region of autonomic manifestations of supra- and segmental level. All the surveyed population studies were conducted, testing, and autonomic psychoemotional status. In the group with the suprasegmental autonomic asymmetry of the quality of life determined by the social and emotional factors. The patients had depressed mood, the need for activity and communication, as well as the growth of emotional tension, psychophysiological symptoms of maladjustment mainly in women (anxiety, fear of loneliness, non-conflictual). Men in this group had an uncertain mood, and the need for emotional release and relaxation. Patients with segmental autonomic asymmetry had the presence of deep emotional experience with simple external manifestations, reducing the total activity. Disorders of the adaptive capacity of the organism with the suprasegmental autonomic asymmetry have emotional maladjustment with chronic psychotraumatic pressure, constitutionally due to psycho-physiological properties of the person, autonomic dysregulation and destabilization. Patients with autonomic manifestations of segmental asymmetry were situational psycho-emotional disorders of varying severity depending on the duration and strength of stressful factors.

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