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Hormonal and microelement status of the women of reproductive age with non-carious lesions of teeth


F.Y. Daurova, T.N. Umnova

The article presents data hormonal profile in women with a wedge-shaped defects. Found that in women with a wedge-shaped defects of teeth with age, declining levels of estradiol, calcitonin, progesterone, total testosterone, DHEA-sulfate, free T4 in serum, and levels of parathyroid hormone, LH, FSH was significantly increased. It should be noted that the progesterone level is much lower than in healthy women and in older age group, its value at the lower limit of reference values. Cortisol levels are much higher than in healthy women, the maximum of its value in the younger age group. Aldosterone increases with age, it should be noted that in all age groups, its level is much higher than the reference values. Revealed that older age group indicated a statistically significant increase in the concentration of Al, As, Ca, Co, Fe, Li, Mg, Na, Ni, Pb, Sn and V, as well as the reduction of Cr, Cu, I, K, Mn, P, Se, Si, Zn, compared with younger and middle groups. The content of Co, Cu, Sn in the group of patients is much lower than in the healthy group, and Ca and Mg on the contrary, higher in the group of patients. Reducing the concentration of Co in the saliva and hair correlated with low levels of progesterone in patients. Thus, a direct correlation between the concentrations of progesterone in serum and saliva kobolta (r = 0,49; p < 0,05) and reverse (r = 0,53; p < 0,05)  in her hair. Thus, based on the biological role of the chemical elements, we can suggest a definite link between the relatively low levels of Zn and Cu in hair, saliva and increased levels of its antagonists  Ca, Fe; decrease in selenium concentration and, consequently, increasing the As, Hg and Cd; relative decrease in the concentration of P, Ti, Al, Sr, Pb and higher  Ca and Mg in different biosubstrates.

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