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Peculiarities of psycho-emotional status in climacteric period in dependence on chronophysiological and stereofunctional features of women’ organism


O.P. Zavodnov, M.A. Zakrujnaya, T.L. Botasheva, O.I. Rudova, E.V. Pligina, E.M. Alexandrova

During last years the pathological flow of climax was detected in 50 % of women in population; in 65-70 % of women pathological climax is presented as climacteric syndrome due to deficiency of estrogen, followed by neuro-vegetative, endocrine, metabolic and psycho-emotional disorders. According to literature data peculiarities of climacteric syndrome are detected by adaptability and resistance of female organism. Formation of adaptation specific depends upon function of reproductive system. Multiple periodicity of numerous pregnancies, deliveries and lactations during evolution led to formation of pair and rhythmic morphofunctional organization of women reproductive system, that was accompanied by strengthening of standard but very modulated by reproductive specific of protective and compensatory mechanisms. That is why the main approach in studying adaptability and resistance of female organism is chronophysiological and stereofunctional approach. Due to the fact, that climacteric period is followed by the changes of emotional and cognitive spheres, that are very favorable for the development of mental disorders, together with perimenopause the risk of different diseases’ manifestation increases. At the initial stages this diseases are followed by anxiety and depressive disorders. But in most cases anxiety and depressive disorders in women with climacteric syndrome appear in direct time link with another components against the lack of endogen pathology symptoms and psychotraumatic situations. Anxiety and depressive disorders in women with climacteric syndrome have multifactorial genesis – it is the lack of estrogen, premorbid peculiarities of person, actual psychotraumatic situation and somatic diseases. Anxiety and depressive disorders lead to depression of life quality in women, to increase of symptoms of unfavorable climax flow, to progression of cardiovascular and endocrine disorders, associated with menopause. Thus due to analysis of psychoemotional status of women in climacteric period we revealed, that chronophysiological and stereofunctional peculiarities of female organism detect the structure of psychoemotional disorders in perimenopausal period: in women with chronotype «arrhythmics» a high level of reactive anxiety dominated; anxious disorders of subclinic level were revealed in women with combination of lateral behavioral phenotype and chronotype «owl». Mixed anxiety and depressive disorders of subclinic level dominated in left lateral profile and chronotype «lark», in right lateral chronotype and chronotype «owl» and in mixed lateral profile and chronotype «owl». In women with left lateral profile and chronotype «arrhythmics» we revealed depressive disorders of subclinic level. Depression of clinical level was registered mainly in left lateralprofile and chronotype «lark». Probability of mild climax flow was detected in women with chronotype «lark» in combination with right lateral profile and in women with chronotype «owl» and left lateral profile. Inversion of these combinations is a predictor of psychoemotional disorders in perimenopause. These results open perspective to individual approach to therapeutic maintenance of women in perimenopausal period and give evidence to necessity of labor and rest optimization in daily cycles «sleep-awake» in dependence on chronotype and lateral behavioral phenotype.

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