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Estimation of environmental contamination by selenium the enterprises for extraction and processing of copper ore in the orenburg region


T.A. Burtseva, N.A. Golubkina, A.V. Skalny

The assessment of size of emission of selenium Mednogorsky, Gaysky and Orsk combines was the purpose of the real work. Results of research of the soil near Mednogorsk Copper-Sulphur Plant indicate intensive environmental pollution by selenium within two kilometers from combine (where concentration of selenium varies from 3000 to 600-700 mkg/kg of the soil), and level of pollution of soils selenium differed in the North and West directions (the main directions of a wind rose) a little. Comparison of size of emission of selenium by Mednogorsk's copper-sulfur plant and Guy's mining and processing integrated works and Orsk shows similar nature of environmental pollution by selenium, however, intensity of pollution appeared the greatest in the first case. As a result of the carried-out research it is shown that average values of the content of selenium in hair for all three enterprises were similar, were in an interval of concentration of 335-389 mkg/kg. and practically didn't differ from indicators of security with selenium of inhabitants of the agricultural Krasnogvardeysky region of the area which does not have the large industrial enterprises. The assessment of size of emission of selenium Gaysky, Orsk and Mednogorsky combines on production and processing of copper ore in the Orenburg region revealed considerable pollution of a soil cover by selenium at distance to 2 km from combines. However despite considerable emission of selenium, security with a microcell of the working studied enterprises the low. The unique explanation of an established fact is simultaneous influence on a human body of lead, zinc and the copper, being antagonists of selenium.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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