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Time organisation of central hemodynamic parameters of people with different shifts in periods of the changed photoperiodism


M.V. Bochkarev, V.N. Simonov, O.N. Ragozin, I.V. Radysh

Shift work is a social component affecting the temporal structure of the biological rhythms. We must also remember that the human biological clock is synchronized only on social sensors, but also on solar time, depending on the photoperiodic conditions of the region and season because of huge size of our country. The study involved 70 workers of The Emergency Aid Station. 30 people worked the 8-hour mode and 40 worked the 24-hour duty with 48-hour rest period. Measurements have been done in Khanty-Mansiysk (61o N) in the winter with the shortest daylight hours  5 hours 33 minutes, and in the summer with maximum daylight hours  19 hours 19 minutes. We used ambulatory blood bressure monitoring with measurement of systolic (SBP), diastolic (DBP) blood pressure and heart rate (HR) during the day. We calculated rhythms parameters with Cosinor analysis. These results indicate that sitizens of the northern region develop chronic photodesinhronosys. The reason is severe deprivation of natural light in winter and gyperinsolation in summer. We consider that the actual duration of the seasons when there is only one month of the annual cycle in spring and autumn; do not create conditions for restoring the temporal structure of psychological and physiological parameters. Imposed by the social rhythm eliminates external influences under these conditions. Exogenous desinchronosys changes in working hours as a daily duty seriously distorts the temporary structure. Results of the study show a predominance of stress role of the social conditions of life over outside heliogeophysical complex factors. Studies of the psychological status, functional activity of the pineal gland in our previous works and the dynamics of physiological parameters in this study show a predominance of the stress role of social living conditions of the climatic factors external set. The current problem is the correction of social and biological desynchronosys involves a set of measures, including socio-sanitary recommendations and a pharmacological component of the appointment chronocorrectors for modulating level of the melatonin metabolism.

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