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The dynamics of blood glucose levels of rats with immune diabetes in different conditions of habitat


E.Y. Kalashnikova, L.V. Shevchenko, V.I. Torshin, A.I. Elfimov, K.O. Vorontsova, K.B. Bogatireva

One of the most serious problems of modern medicine is the diabetes that is connected with constant increase in number sick of this disease. All over the world search of new effective methods of indemnification of a diabetes is constantly conducted, however in the basic way of treatment is still insulin. In this connection interest to non-drug methods of correction of level of glucose increases in blood. The purpose of our work was influence of cold and hypoxyia on the course of immune type 1 diabetes. Effect of low ambient temperature and oxygen partial pressure was reflected in a significant decrease in blood glucose concentration, but the dynamics of blood glucose level was non-uniform. The compensation of diabetes may be associated with the suppression of the autoimmune process that underlies this disease, and may be based on increased glucose transport into the cell-insulin-dependent mechanism. Promising in our view is to use a combination of these effects with insulin in order to study their possible additive effect.

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