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Features of nonspecific adaptable reactions in healthy women


V.B. Brunin, S.S. Kraushkin

The indicators of general nonspecific adaptive reactions and psycho-physiological status in healthy women reproductive age in the different phases of the menstrual cycle was study. Found that that in healthy women in the luteal phase had higher values (p < 0,05) the relative amount of band, segmented neutrophils and lymphocytes compared with the follicular. It is established that the values reaction drills and quiet activation was significantly (p < 0,05) higher in women in follicular phase, and increased activation of the reaction and reactivation of chronic stress in the luteal. Revealed that trait anxiety (Taylor's) was significantly higher in the luteal phase (43,5-1,3 points) compared with follicular (37,2-1,1 points). Reactive same anxiety (Spielberger at) clearly varied depending on the phase of the cycle and was significantly higher in the follicular phase (32,6-1,2 points) compared to the luteal (23,3-0,9 points). It is established that the follicular phase of the value of individual moments significantly (p < 0,05) increased compared with luteal, which was manifested in the form of underestimating the time interval compared with the astronomical time of the examinees in the second half of the menstrual cycle. Thus, the presented results of comprehensive studies indicate that the relationship of general nonspecific adaptive reactions and psychophysiological personality traits in healthy women of reproductive age depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle.

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