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Algorithmization of model choice in support systems for making current time decision


M.I. Zernov, M.V. Zlobinova, D.V. Kotov

The mechanism for choosing models in support systems for making current time decision, providing solution of two main tasks – indistinct production conclusion for precelection of models and optimal assignment of time resource between selected models for supplying maximal justification of calculations, is described in the article. Logical-linguistic view of input parameters allows formulating generalized rules of conclusion and on their ground form accessory functions. Comparison of application areas with characteristics of situation conditions allows separating adequate models and form their initial set. Existence of the initial model set offers an opportunity to estimate time distribution and allocate time resource on current tasks proportional to their importance. Taking into account nonlinear kind of dependence of faithfulness of the results of modeling from the time necessary for solution of a separate task, list of catalogue satisfying the condition of time limitation, is defined by the method of the fastest falling grade. The offered mechanism of model choice under conditions of incomplete and inexact information gives a chance to increase probability of accepting an adequate and timely solution in support systems for making current time decisions. It is demonstrated by the simulated results that with the offered mechanism of model choice the time for making decision reduces for 2 percents under simultaneous increase of their justification for 12 – 18 percents.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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