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Problems of Modeling Different Band Antennas Inside a Cover


I.A. Koloyarov, V.V. Yudin

Various aspects of creating HF-UHF band antennas that will be located (either temporarily or constantly) inside dielectric cover. Main feature of that antenna class is despite all the differences in construction and functions of cover there always is a lengthy dielectric body with severe impact on antenna characteristics. Three antenna types are discussed and decided main research directions, we need some way to consider cover temperature instability for mobile radio and television VHF-UHF band antennas; some way to use mid-term measurements and adjustment for large-scale antennas; the problem of condition control for protected underground HF antennas. For electrodynamics analysis of these antennas was selected generalized method of equivalent circuit. It allows analyzing high Q-factor systems; considering dielectric impact, thermal losses. Using directions mentioned above design methods were created as well as technologies of building and operating antennas inside cover. For mobile radio and television antennas placed inside cover design method was created to address temperature instability. It features thermal compensation by using filler material. For large-scale antennas temporarily located inside covers (during building for example) was created adjustment technology. Operating technology for HF band underground antennas inside cover was created. It incorporates four methods to check antenna condition.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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