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Research of Complex of Active Receiving HF-Band Antennas with Operated Spatial and Polarizing Characteristics


A.N. Kapishev, A.D. Krasilnikov, A.V. Nevsky

In article preconditions and results of developing complex of active receiving HF-band antennas with operated spatial and polarizing characteristics based on the last years branch of NIIR – SONIIR developing of active receiving small-sized HF-band antennas are presented. As initial options from which development was conducted, the necessary tests which have passed everything and in the most part already successfully maintained on objects of own development product customers were chosen. As preconditions for creation modernized and increasing requirements served in the maximum universal receiving HF-band antennas to their tactical and technical characteristics and indicators of economic efficiency, reduction of terms of their development and costs of production development. In article it is shown that achievement of these tasks is impossible without application when developing principles of ordering, typification and unification. With operated spatial and polarizing characteristics the ring antenna array based on active triple-orthogonally antenna elements is chosen as base option of universal antenna array creation. Directional pattern and accepted signals polarization type control is carried out by phasing blocks based on the LC-grid and switchers. In practice one such antenna can replace a set of several antennas array with different azimuthally orientation and the antiaircraft radiation receiving antenna. During working out of basic approaches to creation of the most universal active receiving HF-band antenna the decision to create not the separate antenna or an antenna array, but a complex of antennas and the antenna arrays, possessing in comparison with single decisions considerable bigger flexibility in the solution of more wide range of tasks was made. As a result of execution by branch of NIIR – SONIIR innovative developmental work was developed a complex of active receiving HF-band antennas with operated spatial and polarizing characteristics, possessing the widest functional and high tactical and technical rate and consisting of eight items. Among them – an original elliptical antenna array, and also almost not having domestic and worldwide analogs the universal ring antenna array, capable to receive signals of 5 different types of polarization from any of 16 available azimuthally directions. In all developed items the unified components are applied.
May 29, 2020

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