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Modeling Antenna Systems Based on Extremely Spatially Limited Surface


M.A. Buzova, D.V. Filippov

This article lists examples of antenna systems calculation that are based on spatially limited surfaces. These problems are nowadays actual because evolution of radio systems is going significantly faster than building new antenna-mast constructions. This article uses approach that is based on eclectic antenna systems analysis. Eclectic antenna systems incorporate various scatterers, different by the approach used for electrodynamics analysis. In order to correctly describe those systems electrodynamics we need first to use own method of electrodynamics analysis for each geometry type of scatterers, and second we need to take coupling into account by combining the equations in a system. To model these systems was used algorithm of electrodynamics analysis that is based on hybrid methods. In order to evaluate general algorithm application to practical problems some parameters of the antenna-feeder devices that were located on a mobile object (command vehicle R-145 BMA «Tigr» and satellite) were calculated. Analysis of the results showed that method is correct and is able to solve practical problems.

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