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Decametric Waves Transmitting System on the Base of a Circular Antenna Array and Digital Pattern Creation


A.Y. Baraboshin, A.L. Buzov, M.A. Minkin, V.V. Yudin

In the article, in the context of all-round HF-radio facilities modernization, the features of creation of transmitting system on the base of circular antenna array both with patterns and polarizations creation by direct digital signal synthesis are considered. The future trends of substitution of traditional HF-antennas onto circular antenna arrays from the point of view of communication efficiency and lot space saving are shown. The analog method of pattern creation by LC-greed application is considered briefly. The digital method for pattern and polarization control by creation of necessary amplitude-and-phase distribution by means of direct digital synthesis is grounded. The system structure and functional diagram of DDS-drivers synchronization are founded. The problems of radiating system realization as a bi-circular array of bi-orthogonal oscillators are considered, and one’s main capability is adduced. It’s shown that the proposed system of relatively compact antenna will support a high directivity.

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