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Signals parameters evaluation in passive radar with illuminators of opportunity by variational method


N.G. Parhomenko, A.A. Peretyatko, J.A. Reyzenkind, V.S. Onishchenko, V.N. Shevchenko

Passive bistatic radar is considered. It includes an illumination source and two antennas. The reference antenna receives a direct signal from an illumination source and the target antenna receives a mix of the signals scattered by mobile objects. The problem of amplitudes, delays and Doppler shifts estimation of scattered signals is formulated as a residual minimization problem of the overdetermined system of linear algebraic equations. The additional condition to unknown amplitudes provides sparsity of searched signals amplitudes in delay – Dopler shift coordinates. The variational method is used for the solution of this problem. The resulting algorithm is shown to be effective in typical simulated scenarios with a six moving craft. For practical algorithm realization it is necessary use the multicore computer and code parallelization.

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