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The method of optimal adaptive suppression coherent interference in the passive coherent location systems


N.G. Parhomenko, V.S. Onishchenko, A.A. Peretyatko, V.N. Shevchenko

The method of adaptive suppression of coherent hindrance in a passive coherent location systems with the stranger illumination is developed. The offered method consists in a time filtration with suppression of a coherent hindrance by its subtraction of a direct signal illumination and the signals disseminated by stationary objects and powerful air targets dispersions from the accepted mix of signals. The decision of an optimizing problem, has allowed to develop a method of indemnification of the coherent hindrance arising owing to infiltration of a multibeam direct signal illumination, in the presence of the stirring parameter in the form of the unknown time delay caused by a spatial rating of the phase aerials centers of reception channels of reference and target signals. The method provides a finding of a corresponding vector of weight factors which is used at realization of a time filtration. Expansion of a basic signals matrix at each subsequent stage provides increase of detection efficiency of the weak signals disseminated from the mobile purposes. Reliability and efficiency of the offered approach is confirmed by simulated result of the two-channel passive coherent location system.

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