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Electrodynamics analysis of eigenmodes in rectangular waveguide with four l-shaped septa


G.F. Zargano, V.V. Zemlyakov, V.V. Krivopustenko

The waveguides of complex cross-section are using in construction of different microwave systems, such as antennas, filters, polarizers, multiplexer and others at the present moment. Using waveguides of complex cross-section we can made microwave device with much better electrodynamics characteristics in comparison with devices on rectangular and circular waveguides. Using longitudinal metallicrectangular and T-shaped septa in rectangular waveguide we can improve electrodynamics characteristics of this waveguide. Last efforts in the field of finding new types of the waveguides showed that there is a family of potentially much broadband waveguides – rectangular waveguides with metallic L-shaped: parted and antipodal. The method of electrodynamics calculation and PC modeling of the electromagnetic field structure of TE- and TM-waves in air filled lossless rectangular waveguide with two antipodal L-shaped septa is derived in this work.The problem is solved by the method of partial regions including field singularity at the edge. The cutoff wave numbers, the electromagnetic field structures of different types of TE- and TM waves of dominant mode of the waveguide are calculated.
May 29, 2020

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