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On the possibility of the recombination He-Sr+ laser peak power increasing by the cavity dumping technique


G.D. Chebotarev, A.A. Fesenko, E.L. Latush

This work is devoted to numerical investigation of possibility of the recombination He-Sr+ laser peak power increasing. The He-Sr+ laser is a source of radiation at short wavelengths (=430,5 и 416,2 нм SrII) with high enough output power that does it attractive to practical applications. Numerical calculations were carried out with the help of the self-consistent mathematical model of the recombination He-Sr+ laser. It is shown that the peak power of a typical He-Sr+ laser can be increased in the cavity dumping mode by more than an order of magnitude and can reach values of more than 10 kW, while the laser pulse can be significantly shortened.

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