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Modeling of the ion recombination calcium vapor laser


G.D. Chebotarev, O.O. Prutsakov, E.L. Latush

This work is devoted to numerical modeling of the active medium of the He-Ca+ laser by means of the developed self-consistent mathematical model including the basic physical processes in plasma of the pulsed-periodic discharge, responsible for a pumping and inversion in a wide range of an active medium pressure (up to atmospheric). The He-Ca+ laser is a source of coherent radiation in the UV region of spectrum (=370,6 and 373,7 nm СаII) with high enough average power that does it attractive to practical applications. The model of the He-Ca+ laser includes the joint description of an electric pumping circuit, plasma of the pulsed-periodic discharge, and laser radiation. With this model, one can calculate plasma parameters and laser characteristics in pulsed-periodic regime and also carry out numerical optimization of the laser. To test the model, the comparison of numerical modeling results and the experimental data was carried out for He-Ca+ lasers with the various geometrical sizes. The results of modeling have shown that under a wide range of conditions the model represents well the main trends in the behavior of the active medium characteristics. The model may be used as a convenient instrument to study the kinetics of the active medium of the He-Ca+ laser, and also the model may predict optimum excitation parameters and the laser characteristics of active elements of the various geometrical sizes.

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