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Statistical characteristics of temporal variations of HF radiation on the mid-latitude path Moscow–Rostov


P.F. Denisenko, G.I. Kuleshov, N.A. Koledin

The purpose was to investigate the influence of wave disturbances of the ionosphere on the level of HF radiation in the mid latitude ionosphere. For this purpose the measurement of the signals of the transmitting station of the Moscow precise time (coordinates: 55 48'N, 38 18'E) at a frequency of 9,996 MHz. Reception took place in Rostov-on-Don (the coordinates of the 47 13'N, 39 38'E, distance from the transmitter about 950 km). We used experimental data obtained in 2007–2010 October to March, when the probability of sporadic E S is small. Analysis were 407 daily measurements of signal strength. Each day record was divided into 3-hour intervals overlapping 1,5 hours. It is possible to obtain 2126 individual samples depending on the level of the time. Their statistical analysis showed that four harmonics are dominant, periods and amplitudes of which vary from sample to sample. Established periods are subject to the normal law, and the amplitude of the gamma distribution. Almost always in the reporting (daily) time variations of the nature of the signal level at the middle-path from Moscow to Rostov may be associated with the presence of wave disturbances with periods close to the periods of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances.

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