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Multi-position non-radiating SAR with GNSS «GLONASS» transmitters


V.F. Fateev, A.V. Ksendzuk, P.S. Obuhov, G.I. Krapivkin, G.V. Timoshenko, G.N. Korol’, О.V. Fateev, V.A. Novikov, P.A. Gerasimov, K.S. Shahalov

JSC «MAC» Vympel» developed a prototype of the passive radar equipment (APRL) is intended to build in the non-radiative mode radiolocation images of objects and surfaces of reflected signals GNSS «GLONASS». APRL includes of board parts (APRL-B), installed on board the unmanned aircraft (UAV) and ground hardware-software complex (APC-APRL). APRL-B receives the direct and reflected signals of navigation satellites GLONASS, processing them in real-time radar data and builds a string images using the method SAR. The resulting string processing radar data are transmitted over a communication channel to the ground station processing, where the APC-APRL processes and displays the whole image. Using the APC-APRL allows the operator to control the APRL-B, further processed in real-time information (to increase contrast, change the brightness, image filtering, distinguish the object of interest), to record the incoming data to the nonvolatile memory. Flight tests of the radar system were carried out on a flying laboratory, based on the AN-2 in the vicinity town of Rybinsk. As a result obtained radiolocation images: corner reflectors located on the soil surface at a distance of 20-30 meters, as well as multi and one foreshortenings radiolocation images barges on the river Volga. As a result of the analysis radiolocation images received range resolution of 30 m and 12-15 m of azimuth. S/N Ratio coincide with the theoretical results.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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