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Experimental bistatic radar complex


V.F. Fateev, A.V. Ksendzuk, P.S. Obuhov, G.I. Krapivkin, G.V. Timoshenko, G.N. Korol’, V.A. Novikov, P.A. Gerasimov, K.S. Shahalov

The equipment set up of hardware and software allows you to generate, receive and process signals of radar, radio navigation and communication systems. In the apparatus contains two vector signal generator that allows you to simultaneously simulate the direct and reflected signals in bistatic systems with separate channels of reception. Subsystem of registration and recording of signals allows for digital conversion of received analog signals and record them in real time on a RAID array with a sampling frequency of 100 MHz. The equipment can digitize and record data on four channels simultaneously. An experimental bistatic radar system was involved in conducting experimental studies of bistatic radar system. As a signal source in the bistatic radar system used by the navigation satellites «GLONASS». A series of experiments in which were recorded the direct signals and reflected from the surface of various objects in static and moving radar complex. These signals were recorded together with the data of navigation equipment, data, flight control and navigation system (with on-board placement) and video. Thus, developed at the «GSK «Vimpel» hardware and software package allows creation, digitization, processing and recording the signals of radio navigation systems, communications and radar. Extensive use of the system using modern customizable software modules that perform a wide range of operations.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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