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Principles of creation of joint data processing algorithm from different making measurements facilities


V.A. Tretyakov, V.G. Sashchenko

Created algorithm is intended for solving problems of joint data processing algorithm about ballistic and non-ballistic targets acquired from different informative facilities. In the process of producing singularities ballistic and non-ballistic mechanical trajectories joint data processing in suggested algorithm is separately realized as two directions: calculated processing of ballistic targets making measurements and calculated processing of non-ballistic targets parameters. Main components of joint data processing algorithm of ballistic and non-ballistic targets are: information detection from sources and checking ballistic trajectory’s target sign; identification receiptioning making measurement information with tracks storing in Catalogue; union of making measurements information with Catalogue’s data; identification vector components (parameters) of making measurements in different time moments from variable information sources with purpose of reveal coincidence parameters values of movement corresponding of one and the same time moment; union of making measurements information of variable sources corresponding one and the same target with purpose of truth and tracking accuracy raising; ballistic and non-ballistic targets classification; ballistic and non-ballistic targets trajectory’s extrapolation; union of making measurements output to service. Data processing distinctions about non-ballistic targets consists of making measurements information identification about non-ballistic targets with Catalogue’s data is realized by using strobe method otherwise union of making measurements information about movement parameters these targets is happened by acceleration components estimation. Classification carries out in processing information with purpose to establish accessory fact of some target to one of the follows classes: ballistic rockets, certificial Earth satellites, unknown space vehicles, hypersonic space vehicles and planning head parts. Ballistic and non-ballistic targets extrapolation with simple form of trajectory is realized on the polynomial model base. Non-ballistic target extrapolation with complicated rule altitude and speed flight varies is happened on airdynamic forecast providing for ballistic coefficient and airdynamic forces estimations with using quick data tests realizing at information sources.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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