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Nanoindentation of powder lacquer-paint coatings based on polyester and epoxy polyester base, applied to the surface of metals


D.G. Gavrilov, V.N. Zaitsev, S.V. Mamonov, M.I. Martirosov, L.N. Rabinsky

The results of the experimental research work of mechanical properties by polymeric coatings on surface steel sample-stripes are under consideration. The program of research consists of two parts. In accordance with the first one the values of elastic characteristics of studied coatings were obtained by mechanical research results on universal research machine Zwick Z100. For this purpose the series of tension test of three-ply sample-stripes with coatings was realized. The simple method of coating modulus of elasticity estimated based on analyze stress-strain curve by sample is suggested. This method includes the using of the mixture rule for composite materials. In accordance with the second part the research of pigments types influence on lacquer coatings elasticity characteristics was made. Also the results of nanoindentation for the tested coatings are presented. The technical measuring complex NanoTest 600 is used in this test. The charts loading of research samples, the tables with definition of modulus of elasticity in according with mentioned above methods are shown. Based on research results it’s showed that the addition putting of some lacquers on powder polymeric paint leads to lowering the coating modulus of elasticity. The smallest lowering of modulus of elasticity with saving coating high decorative capabilities is attained by putting the ceramic nanostructured lacquer on paint.

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