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Detection truly random numbers on actual infinity in not euclidean space. Private research problems


A.A. Potapov, A.V. Strukov

For the best perception of conducted research on representation it is true random numbers as prototype of numerical system hypothetically had on actual infinity the strip diagram of sequence of research taking into account time of working out of theories used as the base has been developed. By means of this diagram, there was a possibility to see, interrelation of conducted research in the field of actual infinity and is true random numbers with the theory of chaos and Euclidean geometry (existing theories). And also the scheme of a predicted arrangement it is true random numbers concerning existing numerical systems. Thanks to the diagram necessity of a heredity became visible to «actual infinity» area elements of «the determined chaos». The primary goal of article consists in interrelation of private and general research problems, and as influence of postulates on statement of private research problems. Therefore the block diagram of interrelation of private problems and the general research problems has been developed. Also the structure of atomistic model of the world has been shown. Which will be used further in modeling of actual infinity. Final part of article is statement of private problems on research.

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