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Calculation of the microhardness of alloy steel for convective mass transfer mechanism


I.S. Belashova, S.D. Kuzmin

In this paper we propose a method for assessing the performance of the hardened layer in the laser treatment with fusion of the surface, which consists of measuring the integral characteristics of the melting zone – an integrated micro-hardness. When the convective mass transfer mechanism in the process of laser alloying, this characteristic seems to be more objective, because random values of the microhardness over the thickness of the layer (hardening phases – carbides, nitrides, intermetallics, etc., and less solid matrix) can not give a picture of hardening as a whole and evaluate the performance properties of the surface. After analyzing the experimental data to determine the tool wear, processed in different modes and with various integrated micro-hardness and solution of regression equations was found a significant linear relationship between wear and integrated micro-hardnessl, which confirms the adequacy of the new features introduced.

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