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Activators and regulators of environment of radicals


A.V. Chechkin, M.V. Pirogov

Consideration of problem area of critical systems (CS) is continued. Functioning refusals are categorically unacceptable for CS. It can be provided only by means of intellectualization of CS. Idea of intellectualization of CS leans against the concept of the modeling environment of problem area of CS in the form of environment of radicals. The description of the environment of radicals is based on a special formalism of schemes of radicals. In this formalism standard radicals – unicums and containers are used. Unicums correspond to components of problem area of CS. Containers correspond to properties and connections of such components. Symbolical, vector and tabular representation of schemes of radicals are considered. All these representations are focused on computer realization, on fast transition from representation of one type to another, on maintenance of the interface of the environment of radicals. Convenience and universality of tabular representation of schemes of radicals, including in supernumerary situations, are shown. The main property of environment of radicals is redundancy. Therefore the special activating system is necessary. This system should allocate an active modeling part of the radicals named system quantum in environment of radicals. Activating system respond to maintenance of information-system safety (ISS) with a glance of dynamic aspect of problem area. Special radicals – activators and regulators – a basis of activating system are considered. By means of activators and regulators search of answers to inquires and leaving from conflicts is carried out. The method to arrive at a decision of a problem of synthesis of target unicum is described. This problem is characteristic for all stages of the life cycle of CS. The target unicum is understood as same component of problem area of CS, the operating influence withdrawing system from the conflict in normal and abnormal situation.
May 29, 2020

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