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Control system of artificial heart


I.A. Efremov, A.V. Zhdanov, V.V. Morozov

In article the control system of artificial heart on the basis of the mechatronic unit is considered. The short review of similar devices is given, the analysis of technical requirements is carried out, the algorithm and the block diagram of work are offered. The functional of a control system is described and results of laboratory researches are given. These devices consist of the brushless motor of a direct current in which the mechanism, and also two artificial ventricles of heart is built in planetary roller screw mechanism. Five known systems, developed in the USA, Japan and Europe can be examples of such designs, at least. For a speed control of rotation of the engine three channels of the pulse-width modulator of microcontroller were used. This decision gives the chance to establish necessary speed of rotation of a rotor, having as much as possible lowered a consumption current. The converter is executed in the form of the external separate block to reduce the final size of a control system. At present the developed software allows to carry out the following functions of motor management of artificial heart: start engine stop; change of the direction of rotation; step-by-step movement; the palpation mode – carries out alternate rotation of the engine in different directions with the set quantity of turns; adjustable speed of rotation. For providing the best characteristics and stability of work in comparison with existing systems was to execute a number of modernizations: function of monitoring of parameters, function of nonlinear movement of a pusher of mechatronic unit, control system reservation, function of wireless data transmission.

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