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An Elliptically Polarized PAA with Improved Gain Isotropy in Upper Hemisphere


A.A. Gavrilov, S.K. Krylov, O.A. Kurdumov

Most of modern satellite navigation signals receivers contains microstrip antennas made on dielectric with epsilon 10-20 (MSA). Such antennas are sufficiently compact and provide high gain and ellipticity when size and excitation mode had been chosen correctly. Essential imperfection of MSA is relatively narrow radiation pattern in which high zenith gain combine with low horizon gain. As well known, signals from horizon satellites permits to obtain greater coordinate definition accuracy then from zenith satellites. So the task of increasing antennas gain on horizon angles on account of decreasing zenith gain arise. The task of present work is modeling and characteristic analysis of microstrip PAA with improved gain on horizon angles. Four elemental PAA which provide acceptable azimuth gain isotropy was analyzed. Several planar PAA with different mutual antenna disposition was examined. Those PAA if they are correctly phased provide funnel-shaped diagram which provide gain increasing on horizon angles. The analysis of models polarization attributes was made and optimum selected. Except planar arrays the three-dimensional PAA model was examined. MSA mostly radiate to normal of antenna metallization so PAA elements were positioned in order to beam in horizon direction. As a result three-dimensional PAA model is optimal by isotropy of gain and ellipticity in upper hemisphere and it doesn't create a funnel in azimuth.
May 29, 2020

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