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Synthesis of Algorithms of the Simultaneous Filtration of Discrete and Continuous Parameters of the Binary Correlated Pulse Signals with Amplitutude of the Fluctuating Rayleigh Law


E.P. Petrov, E.V. Medvedeva, D.E. Prozorov, A.P. Metelyov

This article is devoted an actual problem of algorithms synthesis of simultaneous filtration of discrete and continuous parameters of the binary pulse correlated signals with the amplitude of the fluctuating Rayleigh law. It is supposed that all parameters are Markov processes, and a noise is white Gaussian noise. Continuous unknown parameters are divided into power (amplitude) and not power (delay, carrier frequency, phase) Gaussian processes. Characteristic feature of the synthesized algorithms and structures of radio receiver of simultaneous filtration of binary pulse signals parameters is presence of weight processing in channels of measured parameters. It is shown that realization of statistical redundancy of the pulse correlated signals leads to increase of accuracy of all filtered parameters estimations and accordingly to increase of a noise stability of pulse signals reception.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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