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Numerical Solution of Scattering from Random Rough Surface


V.V. Akhiyarov

In this paper the solution of scattering from statistically rough surface using Monte Carlo method was considered. This method is the numerical solution of scattering from the random rough surfaces and the scattered fields statistical processing. The statistically rough surfaces with arbitrary correlation function formation technique were presented. The scattering problem solution using Fredholm integral equation of the first kind and the mean (coherent) and the fluctuation (incoherent) scattering coefficients determination method was shown. For Gaussian correlation function and gentle roughness according to the Kirchhoff approximation was obtained. If the standard deviation of the scattering surface corresponds approximately to the wavelength and the correlation interval, the back-scattering increase was observed. It is shown that the exponential correlation function leads two-scale model of the scattering surface. In this case the random fluctuations are superimposed on the Gaussian model. On the base of Weierstrass function the correlation function of multi scale surface was obtained, and scattering on multiscale surface was represented.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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