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Influence of deep levels concentrations of semi-insulating substrate on high-voltage overloads of GaAs MESFETs


A.M. Bobreshov, A.V. Ivantsov, I.S. Korovchenko, V.A. Stepkin, G.K. Uskov

The GaAs MESFETs is widely used in connection with design of GHz low-noise amplifiers. There are some problems are dialed with different types of external factors. In this paper MESFETs under high-voltage overload exposure take into account. The mechanism of high-voltage overload effects is connected with deep levels in MESFET`s semi-insulating substrate, which have an effect on active layer thickness. In fabrication method of GaAs semi-isolated substrate concentrations of deep levels can be varied in close limits. Modeling is researched in this article influence of this small concentration changes on characteristic of MESFETs under high-voltage overloads exposure. Modeling results confirm earlier experiment results.

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