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Analysis of the spatial selectivity of multi-frequency linear array


E.S. Emelyanov, E.F. Ivankin, V.A. Ponkin

The purpose of this paper is to study the spatial selectivity for angular coordinates and range of antenna arrays (AR) with a linear change in frequency signals emitted by the elements of AR transceivers. As an indicator of the spatial selectivity of the considered AR uses a form of spatial selectivity function (SCF).The peculiarity of the problem lies in the fact that the SCF affected by many factors: the frequency range, the size of the AR, the relative positions of the target relative to the antenna, etc. This leads to a large variety of results obtained by mathematical modeling, and makes it difficult to identify major patterns of expression of the spatial selectivity of AR to control it in practice. Therefore, in relation to the general case the location of a point target in the far field and the Fresnel zone to obtain an approximate expression for the normalized one-dimensional AR SCF with a linear change in frequency transceiver elements, describing the essential parameters of the problem and allows an analysis of DCF. The main conclusion which follows from the analysis of the SRF is that an increase in the number of spatial channels and the use of multi-frequency signals is a sufficient condition for improving information capabilities of the radar (the use of multi-frequency signal in the considered AR leads to a loss of spatial selectivity of the antenna in the far field in the angular coordinate). In general, for high spatial selectivity of multichannel radar spatial structure of the location of the transmitting and receiving elements and parameters of the multi-frequency probing signal should be chosen based on the content together solved the problem of radar.

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