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Acoustic-Optoelectronic Receiver-Spectrum Analyzer for the Real-Time Measurement of Radio-Signals Parameters


A.V. Anishchenko, S.A. Rogov, M.G. Vysotsky, B.G. Katkov, V.A. Parfenov, S.V. Rozov, V.V. Skorohod, V.S. Tutygin, A.V. Yuzhakov

The results of the development and experimental investigation of acoustic-optoelectronic receiver-spectrum analyzer are presented. The set-up allows to determine such parameters of received signals as the frequency, the spectrum bandwidth, the pulse length, polarization power in the mode near to the real time operation. The receiver ensures also the recording of the frequency-time representation of signals having in view their subsequent reconstruction and analysis. The receiver-spectrum analyzer consists of the reflector antenna system with the electro-mechanical drive, controlled by the computer, the high-frequency circuit with two polarization channels and frequency-reducing converters, the receiver amplifying circuit with the automatic gain control the thermo stabilized acousto-optic processor on the basis of an acousto-optic modulator, a semiconductor laser, a linear CCD photo-receiver, and a programmable high-speed digital device of the secondary signal processing on the basis of PLIC. The CCD photo-receiver operates in the special mode, which enables to realize the reading of the optical information in a short time. During the experiment test in the «C» frequency band the following receiver parameters were get: sensitivity -152 dB/W; dynamic range 60 dB; accuracy of the signal frequency parameters determination 2.2 MHz; accuracy of the signal time parameters measurement 4.4 µs; the time of the radar signal parameters determination ≤ 23 ms. The results of the parameter measurement of the satellite radar signals carried out in the conditions of the testing area are given in the paper.

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