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Method of the Analysis of the Wave Front on Base Variation of Phase Receiving Aperture Element


D.S. Mahov, E.N. Mishchenko, S.E. Mishchenko, I.S. Savchenko

The method of the analysis of the front of the wave, diversified from the known by procedure of phase variation on element of the receiving aperture is offered. The Method coтсдгву in determination of the total intensity (power) falling wave when change the phase of the field on element of the aperture. The analysis of the got distribution to intensities allows to define the iteration procedure to correcting the phase front. If change the phase on separate area of the aperture does not contribute the changes to total intensity, that intensity of the field on given area can change the way to correcting the phase. The algorithm of the method presents itself iteration process, on each step which is defined intensity of the total field and field of the separate area of the receiving aperture. The phase of the separate element of the aperture varies through value that influences upon total intensity of the field. The algorithm allows by means of the consequent change the phase separate element apertures to define the area, which is found not in phase with rest. On base of the analysis of the intensities is defined phase stand, which sign is elaborated by means of the condition. In antenna technology proposed method can be marketed by means of phase rotators. Using the method allows to draw near the restored front falling waves to flat with given by accuracy, enlarge the attitude a signal/noise in channel relationship with lumpy ambience.
May 29, 2020

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