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Assessment of Quality of Video Streaming in Wireless Networks when Exposed to Radiation


A.N. Rudneyv, A.S. Vas'kovskii

The rapid development of nuclear energy increases the intensity of trafficking in nuclear materials and radioactive substances. Risk of accidents in these conditions, increases in proportion to turnover. Impact ionization radiation on the quality of communication channels and control leads to a disruption in the Emergency Technical Center (ATC), providing work to eliminate the consequences of radiation accidents. The aim of the study is to determine the maximum permissible levels of ionizing radiation on the quality of data transmission channels. The impact exposed personal portable video encoder (PVE), designed to transmit video to the ATC via a wireless data (Wireless Mesh). It is shown that the incidence of BER (BER), regardless of the dose of irradiation can be used in conjunction with complex robotic systems. In the case of irradiation of powerful radiation (130 Gr/h) Wireless Mesh transceiver performance is stored for a long time. It is shown that the image quality deteriorates life video up to 20% in terms of radiation exposure to levels of ~ 30 Gy / h. At levels of exposure to radiation 130 Gy / h image is transferred to a 90% loss of quality. With the increase of radiation background bit error probability BER in the channel increases sharply with the level of 1E-09 in the absence of radiation exposure to the level of 1E-02 at a dose of 100 Gy / h.
May 29, 2020

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