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Square reception and processing as a whole n-digit binary signal of phase


R.V. Sinicin, N.M. Ashimov

At square reception of signals of phase telegraphy the clock frequencies necessary for digital processing of a binary signal essentially decrease, however thus also the noise stability factor (approximately on 9,5 % in comparison with its value corresponding to a potential noise stability) a little decreases. A scheme lack square reception with basic fluctuations of the sinusoidal form is necessity of erection of digital signals for a square that is connected with appreciable increase in hardware expenses. The specified lack is eliminated by transition to the scheme square reception with basic fluctuations of the rectangular form. However such transition is accompanied by decrease (approximately on 16 %) the maximum value of factor of noise stability, but labor consuming operation of erection of a digital signal in a square is replaced with simple operation of definition of the module.

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