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Evaluation of quality video streaming broadband wireless access in mobile terminals conditions


B.P. Baev, A.A. Teniakshev

Considered impact assessment of content video type and terminal traveling speed on video quality transmitted over fourth generation wireless networks by simulation modeling. Video sequences were transfered byte by byte over WIMAX channel model , constructed in Simulink MATLAB application, with the ability to define different parameters describing perception quality of streaming video. To estimate transmitted video quality was used module calculating Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and also module that compare two different images before and after transmission over radio channel. For analysis were used three test video sequences from different content type groups (Slight Movement content type group, Gentle Walking content type group, Rapid Movement content type group). Video sequences were transmitted in the process of movement recieving device at different rates. It is shown that belonging of video transmitted over wireless networks to one or another content type group has significant influence on perceived quality. When moving terminal it is possible to speak about satisfactory reception only in case we use video from slight movement content type group.

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