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Laser mass spectrometer for analysis of biological liquids


S.N. Nikiforov, Ya.O. Simanovskiy, A.A. Grechikov, A.V. Pento, S.S. Alimpiev

А laser mass spectrometer based on the new method of ionization by laser desorption-ionization of organic compounds in heterogeneous structured surface (SALDI) is developed. The analyzed sample is deposited on a specially prepared silicon surface, followed by laser desorption of ions of organic compounds and their mass spectrometric analysis. The mass analyzer is designed as the time of flight reflectron with orthogonal ion injection via gas-filled radiofrequency quadrupole. An original sample chamber provides a liquid sample deposition on the surface of a silicon substrate at atmospheric pressure and rapid transfer of the substrate with the deposited analyte inside the vacuum chamber of the mass spectrometer accompanied by only a slight change of the pressure in it. The software package allows for real time recording, processing and visualization of the data, and provides instrument control and monitoring of its parameters. The mass spectrometer is designed for express analysis of liquid biological samples (blood, urine and saliva) and for drug monitoring.

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